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Mid December Musings

A mixed bag of things to go over in this post, but no discussion here on Tiger’s personal life! Jones’ Medals Reallocated The International Olympic Organisation (IOC) has finally “decided” what it’s going to do following Marion Jones’ disqualification from… Continue Reading →

Returning To Past Glories

I went back to Bristol this weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of my University flat mates, Paul, to Debbie. Sunday morning I had decided to visit past places where I used to run. As I left the hotel… Continue Reading →

Football Head Injuries

Updated Oct 18th. Football head injuries has been getting more highlights thanks to Tim Tebow’s concussion a few weeks ago and Congress opening an inquiry on the issue. Malcolm Gladwell has written a very interesting piece on this in the… Continue Reading →

Returning To PED’s

I’m returning to rant about PED’s in US sports and in particular in the NFL (see earlier post).  In particular it’s the case of StarCaps that caught out 6 players in December 2008.  Defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams… Continue Reading →

PED’s in American Professional Sports

Why are these the 3 dirtiest words in the NFL: Dr James Andrews? Shouldn’t it be performance enhancing drugs? The NFL is dominated by big men; the Washington Redskins Hogs line of the early 80’s averaged 270 to 280 pounds,… Continue Reading →

NFL In London

What are the NFL thinking? Having been to the 2 games at Wembley, I believe it”s a big mistake to look to have more games in London or else where in Britain and an even bigger one to consider taking… Continue Reading →

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