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If you don’t have a qualifying standard how can you be World Champion?

We are where we are with the length of bans.  For failures related to 2015 onwards the “standard” ban for serious drug use has been upped to 4 years from 2 years by WADA. In last week’s news we learn… Continue Reading →

2015 Beijing World Championship Qualifying

The IAAF announced in Moscow 2013 that the qualifying process for the next World Championships in Beijing in 2015 would have a new process. Out would go ‘A’ and ‘B’ standards in favour of one standard and in would come… Continue Reading →

UKA Trying to Kill Cross Country?

As the cross country season about to kick off, UK Athletics (“UKA”) announced this week preliminary selection process for the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Guiyang, China for next March.  The statement says “British Athletics will be sending men’s… Continue Reading →

A Look Back at Hayward Field and NCAA 2014 – Is this a Suitable Location for IAAF World Championship?

Back from a 3 week US trip, I’ve now had a chance to think about the NCAA’a, Hayward Field and Hayward Field’s suitability to hold a World Athletics Championships. The NCAA track and field championships are an odd affair for… Continue Reading →

Moscow 2013 World Championships – A Few Reflections and Notes

Here are a few notes looking back at the IAAF 14th World Championships in Moscow. The Crowds A lot has been said about the crowds or lack of them in Moscow. The mornings were particularly sparse. The comparison to London… Continue Reading →

IAAF World Championships – Moscow 2013 – Photos

I’ve uploaded my photos and performed some basic grouping but not much editing yet.  These are hosted on my photography site and not within this blog. The group is available here – The first group (Moscow 2013) is all… Continue Reading →

Moscow 2013 – 10,000m Men

Here’s a progression of the Men’s 10KM in picture form: Thumbs up from the photographer, must be all good for Mo Galen Rupp checks with Mo as to what the plan is Oh no, there’s that Jelian guy in the… Continue Reading →

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