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Daegu 2011

If you don’t have a qualifying standard how can you be World Champion?

We are where we are with the length of bans.  For failures related to 2015 onwards the “standard” ban for serious drug use has been upped to 4 years from 2 years by WADA. In last week’s news we learn… Continue Reading →

Daegu 2011 – Decathlon Results Sheet

Here’s my scoring spreadsheet for the decathlon:

Daegu 2011 – Heptathlon Results Sheet

Here’s my scoring spreadsheet from the heptathlon:

Trey Hardee Has Tommy John Surgery

I didn’t see references to this before, but Trey Hardee “blew out” his elbow in the javelin in Daegu.  Here in his blog he gives the run down on how it happened.  In the piece he uses the worst three… Continue Reading →

Daegu 2011 – How Did It Do As A Host City

So why did we end up in Daegu for the 13th World Championships? I’m always up for visiting new countries and places. I have previously addressed my concerns about the choice of Daegu as the location for the latest edition… Continue Reading →

Daegu 2011 – Seiko Score Boards

Why over the first few days of a championship there are always issues with information being correctly shown on the score boards or completely freezing up?  Is it Dumb User Error?  If it is then this means one of 2… Continue Reading →

Daegu 2011 – Irrational Anger: 100mH Final

This event wound me up like no other. I know that I’m irrational but… Sally Pearson was incredible; she ran three wonderful races over the 100mH – 12.53 in round 1, 12.36 in the semi and 12.28 to take the… Continue Reading →

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