We are where we are with the length of bans.  For failures related to 2015 onwards the “standard” ban for serious drug use has been upped to 4 years from 2 years by WADA. In last week’s news we learn that Tatyana Chernova’s sample from the Berlin World Championships in 2009 was retested.  Chernova receives a standard 2 year ban starting July 23rd 2013 (is this when the re-test took place?). All her performances from August 15th 2009 (the start of the heptathlon in Berlin) for 2 years were annulled .  The quirk here is that the Daegu World Championships in 2011 started after that 2 year period was over so her score in Daegu stands in the record books.

Now it’s time for some joined up thinking IAAF.  If you don’t have a qualifying standard how can you compete at the World Championship?  So it’s not a big step to take that if you haven’t qualified for the championship you can’t compete and you can’t have any medals.

We are looking at you Seb Coe (@sebcoe) and Sergey Bubka (@sergey_bubka) to take the lead here and have Chernova removed as World Champion for an event she had no qualifying performance to allow her to compete.  If the test had been around at the time, she would not have been able to compete in Daegu as the closing date for entries would have passed when her theoretical ban would have ended on August 14th 2011.  There is no justification for Chernova keeping her title.

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