Lance Armstrong finishing 2005 time trial

An excellent program from ABC in Australia called Four Corners gives full coverage to this including interviews with key players. A must watch at and further interviews here

Phil Liggett has been having a mixed time of it today – first of all this quote came up when talking to Cycling News:

“If he’s been taking drugs then of course it’s right [to sanction] but they still lack the absolute proof as far as I’m aware. I still am a supporter of Armstrong. Whatever way we look at it Lance has been good for the sport. No one can condone, if it’s finally proved, that he’s ridden his whole career on drugs. I had an email from an eminent scientist from the US yesterday. An SMS actually. It said if Lance Armstrong had taken the drugs outlined by USADA he’d have been dead ten years ago. He’s an eminent scientist and a very intelligent man. I don’t know his name, the SMS came from a secondary person.”

But then in the Four Corners program he says Lance probably cheated:

Asked about Armstrong, Liggett no longer defended him against allegations of cheating. “He came back again and again and again, winning Tour after Tour. He did it seven times, and of course it is a record. Nobody had ever done it. For many people it was unacceptable, it was impossible to do that without taking drugs.

“Look, I admit I have been very proud to commentate on Armstrong over these years because I have seen a man…I have seen how he has battled the elements, and I have seen how he has come forward. I am very sad. What do I think? Everybody else did it…so I find it very difficult not to think Lance did it.”

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For your amusement here are a couple of videos:
New Nike Add
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How It All Went Down
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